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Local Authorities

We provide psychological formulation and therapeutic repair for children in care, those under child protection, adopted children and asylum seekers/refugees. We focus on the life journey and cultural narrative that has contributed to the developmental trauma or SEMH profile and on identifying and assessing strengths and needs to inform the focus of therapeutic repair. We facilitate the strengthening of the support web around the child or young person through systemic trauma informed and trauma responsive approaches.

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Educational Settings

We provide educational settings (mainstream, independent, specialist and residential) with evidence based multi-professional support to develop knowledge and understanding of developmental trauma and SEMH needs. We promote trauma informed and trauma responsive approaches and inclusive, solution focused SEND & Pastoral Care strategies. Through our embedded approach and involvement with the whole community we focus on building relationships, trust, capacity and resilience over time.

Empowering change through an awakening of curiosity, empathy and emotional connection


Training & Coaching

We provide training, coaching and clinical supervision to practitioners at all levels involved in the care, education and support of children and young people exhibiting developmental trauma and SEMH needs. The aim of our intervention is to empower trauma informed and relational approaches within settings. Our primary approach to this work is solution focused, strengths based and organisational culture aware.